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Quali-Tech’s manufacturing and quality control processes ensure a consistent product every time. Our automation allows Quali-Tech to manufacture 200K roller covers per day. We have the capacity to service even the very big retailers.


Quali-Tech’s complete line of paint applicators can provide the paint tools to support the professional to the serious do-it-yourselfer. Our focus on new and innovative fabrics and paint applicator products allows for the right applicator for today’s paints


The breadth of Quali-Tech’s product offering can accommodate store sets from 2ft to 20ft. Within each product category we offer multiple store sets to accommodate every size retailer. Our Planograms help you market our paint applicators in your retail space.

Welcome to Quali-Tech Manufacturing Company

Quali-Tech Manufacturing is America's leading manufacturer of mini-roller covers; and supplier of a complete line of paint applicators. For 25 years, Quali-Tech been working to manufacturing the best paint rollers. This focus has allowed significant market share gains with brands such as RollerLite, RollerFoam and many private labels programs.

The key to Quali-Tech’s success has been a focused organization that is constantly looking for a better way to manufacture roller covers. Through innovation, consistent processes and controls, the company produces consistent quality roller covers in an extremely efficient manner. This is why many of the retailers and paint manufactures have partnered with Quali-Tech.

As one of the original manufactures of mini rollers over 20 years ago, we consider ourselves the pioneers of mini rollers. In that time, we learned not only how to produce an excellent product but we have learned the right product mix and merchandising for this category. As the leader in this category, we feel we understand it very well and can help anyone build a successful mini roller program.

Quali-Tech VideoQuali-Tech Video: Largest mini roller distributor in the USA

Why Quali-Tech?

  • Innovative: Quali-Tech holds 13 patents. These innovation have improved everything from the roller rolling better to providing a better tool for the female DIY painter. We are constantly working to improve.
  • Quality: We search the world for the best materials. From the USA to Germany to Canada to Indonesia, we are focused on buying the right materials to produce the right products.
  • Mini Roller Market Leader: We have been manufacturing mini rollers for 20 years. We understand how to make a quality mini roller. In the past 20 years we have learned what product mix is the most effective for each type of retailer.
  • Manufacturing: Our team is constantly working to improve our manufacturing and quality control processes. With this kind of focus, we feel we can deliver a consistent quality product every time in the most efficient manner.
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